Foto: Bengt Ekberg, SVA

VFK Feed safety standards

National guidelines to good practice for producers of feed materials.

Standard for feed operators certified according to ISO 22000.


The board of VFK:

Leo Virta, Konvex - chairman

Erik Forsberg, Nordic Sugar AB - member

Anders Holmqvist, AAK Sweden AB - member

Johan Ocklind, Fodermix - member

Gina Kylin, Arla Foods - member

Thomas Olsson, The Absolut Company - member

Elisabeth Erichsen - secretary

For further information about VFK, please contact Leo Virta.

VFK works in close collaboration with the Department of Chemistry, Environment and Feed Hygiene at the National Veterinary Institute (SVA)

For questions relating to feed hygiene or feed-related animal health disorders, please contact:

Magnus Thelander, phone: +46 18 67 40 23

Erik Nordkvist, phone: +46 18 67 42 23

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